5 Best Trolley Bags
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Trolley bags have become an indispensable part of modern travel. Their convenience, durability, and stylish designs make them a popular choice for both leisure and business travelers. In India, the market is flooded with a variety of options, from trusted brands like Safari, Aristocrat, Skybags, and Samsonite. In this blog, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about trolley bags in India, from styles and sizes to prices and top brands.

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What is a good Trolley Bag ?

A good trolley bag is one that meets your specific travel needs and preferences. Here are some features to consider when determining a good trolley bag:


1. Durable Material: Look for a bag made from high-quality materials like polycarbonate, ballistic nylon, or reinforced polyester. This ensures longevity and protection for your belongings.


2. Size and Capacity: Choose a size that suits your typical travel duration. Consider factors like airline carry-on regulations or checked baggage limits.


3. Smooth Wheels: Opt for multi-directional wheels that offer easy maneuverability, especially when navigating through airports or crowded spaces.


4. Sturdy Handle: A telescopic handle should be strong and comfortable to grip. It should also retract smoothly when not in use.


5. Locking Mechanism: A reliable lock or combination system is essential to keep your belongings secure. Some trolley bags come with TSA-approved locks for hassle-free international travel.


6. Compartments and Organizers: Ample compartments, pockets, and dividers help you stay organized and make packing and unpacking more convenient.


7. Weight: A lightweight trolley bag can save you from excess baggage fees and make it easier to lift and carry.


8. Brand Reputation: Established brands like Samsonite, Rimowa, Travelpro, and Delsey are known for their quality, innovation, and durability.


9. Style and Design: Choose a bag that reflects your personal style and preferences. Consider factors like color, pattern, and overall aesthetics.


10. Warranty and Customer Service: A good trolley bag should come with a reasonable warranty period and reliable customer support in case you encounter any issues.


Remember, the “best” trolley bag ultimately depends on your individual needs, whether it’s for business trips, international travel, or leisure getaways. It’s recommended to read reviews, compare features, and, if possible, physically inspect the bag before making a purchase to ensure it aligns with your requirements.

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1. Skybags Trooper Hardsided Trolley Bag

  • Outer Material: Polycarbonate, Casing: Hard, Color: Blue & White 
  • Capacity: 97 liters; Weight: 3980 grams; Dimensions: 75 cms x 30 cms x 55 cms (LxWxH) 
  • Lock Type: Number Lock, Number of Wheels: 4 
  • Laptop Compatibility: No 
  • Warranty type: Manufacturer; 1 year International warranty 
  • Retractable top and side handles 
  • Number LockSpacious Compartment 
  • 1 Large zippered pocket better organization4 Wheels
  • Premium push button Trolley

2. American Tourister Ivy Medium Trolley Bag

  • Meets most domestic carry-on size requirements 
  • Scratch and impact resistant material 
  • Extra packing space to accommodate your last-minute shopping 
  • Colour matched 3-digit Recessed TSA lock, Colour coordinated components bring a rich look to the bag 
  • Recessed TSA lock for a premium look and to provide foolproof security during your travel 
  • Recessed TSA lock for a premium look and to provide foolproof security during your travel

3. Safari Ray Medium Trolley Bag 

  • Outer Material: Polycarbonate, Casing: Hard, Color: Midnight Blue 
  • Not wear resistant, Waterproof 
  • Capacity: 57.6 liters; Weight: 3600 grams; Dimensions: 46 cms x 27 cms x 67 cms (LxWxH) 
  • Lock Type: Number Lock, Number of Wheels: 4, Number of compartments: 2 
  • Laptop Compatibility: No 
  • Textured Polycarbonate Sratch Resistant Shell

4. American Tourister Medium Trolley Bag 

  • Outer Material: Polycarbonate, Casing: Hard, Color: Moonlight Blue 
  • Capacity: 72 liters; Weight: 3440 grams; Dimensions: 49 cms x 27 cms x 69 cms (LxWxH) 
  • Lock Type: Number Lock, Number of Wheels: 4, Number of compartments: 1 
  • Laptop Compatibility: No 
  • Warranty type: Manufacturer; 3 year manufacturer warranty is non-transferable and valid for 3 years from the original date of purchase 
  • Boxy shape for maximum volume and metallic finish with designer looks

5. Aristocrat Airpro Small CabinTrolley Bag

  • TOUGH AND DURABLE :This lightweight, durable and scratch-resistant luggage ensures sturdiness, water resistance, and impact resilience. 
  • EASY TO MOVE:This stylish yet strong trolley bag features adequate storage space for your belongingss, smooth 360 degree dual wheels and an adjustable trolley handle to let you travel with comfort. 
  • ENHANCED SECURITY: Featuring a secured combination lock and secure zipper to keep your stuff secure as you go out on new adventures. 
  • SPACIOUS: Pack more with spacious multi compartments, full fabric convipack and compression straps which help save space. 
  • WARRANTY:This luggage comes with a 7-years warranty against manufacturer faults. It is built in our manufacturing plant and has passed extensive quality testing to ensure that your trips are hassle-free.
Types of Trolley Bags

1. Safari Trolley Bags:

   – Safari, a trusted name in luggage, offers a wide range of trolley bags that cater to different travel needs. From compact cabin bags to spacious medium-sized options, Safari combines quality craftsmanship with trendy designs.


2. Aristocrat Trolley Bags:

   – Aristocrat stands out for its robust and stylish trolley bags. Known for their durability, Aristocrat bags are designed to withstand the rigors of travel. With various sizes available, they cater to diverse preferences.


3. Skybags Trolley Bags:

   – Skybags, known for its youthful and vibrant designs, offers a range of trolley bags that appeal to the fashion-conscious traveler. These bags strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality.


4. Samsonite Trolley Bags:

   – Samsonite, a global leader in travel solutions, brings its legacy of quality and innovation to the Indian market. Their trolley bags are synonymous with premium craftsmanship, advanced features, and timeless style.


5. Wildcraft Trolley Bags:

   – Wildcraft, renowned for its outdoor gear, brings its expertise to travel luggage. Their trolley bags are designed for adventure-seekers who require sturdy, weather-resistant options.

Size Matters :

  – Choosing the right size of trolley bag is crucial. Cabin bags are perfect for short trips, while medium-sized bags offer more space for longer journeys. Small trolley bags are great for quick getaways.

Price Range :

 – Trolley bag prices vary based on factors like brand, material, size, and features. While there are budget-friendly options available, investing in a high-quality bag ensures longevity and enhanced travel experiences.



Investing in a quality trolley bag is a wise decision for any traveler. Brands like Safari, Aristocrat, Skybags, Samsonite, and Wildcraft offer a diverse range of options to suit various preferences and budgets. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or an occasional traveler, finding the perfect trolley bag can greatly enhance your overall travel experience. So, embark on your next journey with style and functionality in hand!

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Common Questions About Trolley Bags

1. Which trolley bag is best?

   – Determining the best trolley bag depends on your specific needs. Consider factors like size, material, brand reputation, and features that align with your travel preferences.


2. How to reset trolley bag lock:

   – The process for resetting a trolley bag lock can vary depending on the brand and model. Generally, you’ll need to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions that came with the bag.


3. How to unlock trolley bag if forgot password:

   – If you’ve forgotten the combination to your trolley bag lock, you may need to contact the manufacturer or a locksmith for assistance. Some brands have specific procedures for resetting forgotten combinations.


4. Which trolley bag is best: polycarbonate or polyester?

   – The choice between polycarbonate and polyester depends on your preferences. Polycarbonate is known for being durable and lightweight, making it suitable for frequent travelers. Polyester is more flexible and can offer more packing space but may not be as rugged as polycarbonate.


5. How to unlock trolley bag:

   – To unlock a trolley bag, you’ll need to use the combination or key provided with the lock. If you’ve forgotten the combination, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or seek professional assistance.


6. Which trolley bag is best for international travel:

   – For international travel, consider a durable and well-designed trolley bag from reputable brands like Samsonite, Rimowa, or Travelpro. Look for features like TSA-approved locks, expandable compartments, and sturdy wheels.


7. What is the biggest size of trolley bag:

   – The largest size of a trolley bag can vary depending on the brand and model. Some extra-large trolley bags can have a capacity of 100 liters or more, providing ample space for extended trips.


8. How to change trolley bag lock:

   – Changing the lock on a trolley bag will depend on the specific model. Generally, there should be instructions provided by the manufacturer. If not, consider seeking advice from a professional locksmith.


9. How to activate warranty of Safari trolley bag:

   – To activate the warranty of a Safari trolley bag, you’ll typically need to register your purchase on the official Safari website or follow the specific instructions provided with the product.


10. How to clean trolley bag:

    – Cleaning a trolley bag depends on the material. For fabric bags, use mild detergent and a soft brush. For hard-shell bags, wipe with a damp cloth. Always refer to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to avoid damaging the bag.

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